2.4 GHz RC Boat Double Motor Ship Navy Aircraft Carrier Sailing Model Remote Control Child Gift Toys – RC Submarine Review

remote control submarineRC submarine review sites are some of the best places you can go to get information on how you can have the best kind of enjoyment playing with a submarine toy.

Here’s a review of the 2.4 GHz RC Boat Double Motor Ship Navy Aircraft Carrier Sailing Model Remote Control Child Gift Toys to help you in this search. Before buying, make sure you check on the kind of activities you are allowed to enjoy when playing with your submarine.

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The 2.4 GHz RC Boat RC Submarine Review

Features and Specs:

This boat is more of an aircraft carrier rather than a diving or an underwater search toy. Features include:

  • Radio Control – This toy is maneuvered using radio signals. Transmission of signals is better, compared to non-radio sub vehicles. However, you may need to check water interference that can break the signals. That is not much of a problem though, according to those who have actually used the sub.
  • Movements – You can do different movements or maneuvers for this sub. You can move it forward and backward, turn left or right, dive and go up to the water surface. There is no skimming function for this vessel. Neither can you make it perform 360o turns.
  • Water response – The submarine turns on and off, depending on whether or not it is in contact with water. As soon as it is placed on water, it will start to move. When removed from water, it will stop. This feature is great for prolonging the battery life.
  • Underwater search photography – You can install a camera on this sub and have it dive into your pond or aquarium to take pictures underwater. The Sub-Mariner Camera Spycamera Submarine Underwater Photo Video Photography is a perfect camera unit for this purpose.
  • Décor item – When not in use, the sub can be used as a decoration item. Place it on the cabinet inside your child’s room. Buy miniature aircrafts and put them on it for additional fun.
  • Play time – With full-charged batteries, play time is 6 – 8 minutes.

 Check price and availability here – 2.4 GHz RC Boat Double Motor Ship Navy Aircraft Carrier

This sub has the following specs:

  • Color – Blue (no other colors available)
  • Dimension and weight (ship) – 6.1 x 2 x 2.4 inches; 60 grams
  • Dimension and weight (remote)- 6.7 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches; 85 grams
  • Battery (ship) – Rechargeable lithium
  • Battery (remote) – 4 double A batteries
  • Control Distance – up to 20 meters
  • Material – Environment-friendly materials. Uses UV painting.
  • Design – double propellers
  • Automatic safety devices

The Pros

Benefits for the family include:

  • Your child will love playing with the sub for hours and hours. It is a more affordable alternative for expensive visits to theme parks.
  • It is a great addition for children who love military toys. Buy battleships and small planes to complete your child’s military toy set.
  • Your child’s time for video games and violent YouTube videos will be reduced.
  • Not only children will enjoy playing with this submarine, adults will have fun too. Find a local organization of people who are into the same hobby. Participate in regatta and diving competitions. Challenge your skills with obstacle courses and submarine battles. Get together with friends for an underwater treasure hunt.

The Cons 

There are some minor drawbacks:

  • Both the boat and the remote need to be charged, so you have to test both every time the boat stops moving due to power loss.
  • Some people complain about this toy’s ability to dive. The design is more of an aircraft carrier, so it lacks the diving ability others have.
  • Some have complaints on the depth. They say it’s too short. If you have a large-sized fish tank, you will not be able to make it dive to the bottom of the tank.
  • The boat’s not good to use in bodies of water with strong current. If you will use it in saltwater, you have to attach the weights to ensure stable movements. Otherwise, it will be swept away by the current.

This is a short description of a wonderful toy for children and adults. If you need additional information about it, go to sites where customers are welcome to post their RC submarine review.


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