Radio Control Submarine with Skimming and Diving Functions HUIQI HQ2011 – 5 27MHz – RC Submarine Review

rc submarine reviewsFor people looking to buy a submarine toy, RC submarine review sites suggest purchasing the HUIQI HQ2011. There is a general consensus among reviewers of this product, mostly among parents, that this toy is so much fun that children spend hours and hours playing with it.

If you want your own children to stop wasting their time playing video games or surfing the internet, the HUIQI HQ2011 might well be the best alternative.

The  HUIQI HQ2011 – 5 27MHz  RC Submarine Review

Features and Specs:

Among the features for this sub, the ones worth looking into are those about safety and maximum control distance. It’s very competitive in those areas, not to mention the competitive pricing for this unit.

Moving to the details, consider the lighting feature first. This feature allows night play with this toy at the pool without having to turn on the pool lights. The lights are powerful enough to give illumination to both the submarine itself and the area around it.

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It’s skimming movement is a source of pride. More expensive units can do the regular movements but not the skimming. Watch this glide and slide on the water surface. Besides the well-loved skimming move, this sub can be made to do the regular maneuvers such as forward, backward, turning left and turning right. It can also be put into a stationary position above water. Watching it dive below brings lots of fun as well, but make sure you don’t carry the control with you into the pool.

The control is not waterproof, and the submarine itself must be dried after use. Make sure you always have a piece of dry cloth ready.

Consider the remote as a hand exercise tool for children.  Different hand and finger movements are required to maneuver the submarine through the remote. Online sellers also highlight positive effects on eye coordination.

One of the safety features is “automatic resurfacing”. If you stop playing while the submarine is underwater, the safety system will pull it up to the surface. Should this happen while you are playing, don’t think there’s something amiss with the sub. The automatic resurfacing system will also activate in cases when the transmission signals are not able to reach the sub, or the transmitter has suddenly stopped working, or the batteries have run out of power. The automatic resurfacing system saves you from the trouble of getting into the pool to retrieve the sub when one of these things happens.

remote control submarine

The HUIQI HQ2011 – 5 27MHz Radio Control Submarine with Skimming and Diving Functions is yellow in color with some red and black spots on it. The color’s catchy but the general appearance is far from the military submarine look which most submarine toys have. If your current set has that military look, buying this one will significantly change the overall physical appearance or impact.

No battery charging is needed. All you need are double AA batteries – four batteries for the control and another four for the submarine. Battery life for the submarine is 10 minutes. After that, you need to replace the batteries.

Package contents include the submarine, a transmitter, an antenna and an English manual. If it happens that you don’t receive a manual, don’t worry. YouTube has an instructional video for this sub.

What’s the size? This submarine is long. It is longer than most other models. Length is 11 inches while width is around 2. Consider the size of your aquarium. Smaller submarines are available for small to medium-sized fish tanks.

Control distance is extensive, in fact one of the most extensive a submarine toy can ever have. You can play this thing up to a distance of 25 meters at sea level. Underwater, maximum control depth is 5 meters.

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The Cons:

Things that need to be improved and some concerns raised by users:

Remember, playing time is limited – just 10 minutes. After that, replace the batteries. The manufacturer should consider making this sub rechargeable.

Warning: Never use lithium batteries as lithium doesn’t go well with water. Just in case the submarine floods or breaks, you will not have to deal with a chemical hazard. Remember that your children need to be protected from poisonous chemicals.

Write Your Review

Once you have had a good deal of experience with your own unit and have substantial information to share, help others out by posting your own HUIQI HQ2011 RC submarine review.



Green Camouflage Popular Commodity Revival Submarine Seawolf Submarine 6CH RC – RC Submarine Review

If you are interested in buying the Green Camouflage, you can read reviews about it in here and compare it here on our RC submarine review site. It is a bit pricey but definitely worth the money. The engineering, safety features and design say it all for this highly-prized submarine.

The Seawolf  RC Submarine Review

Features and Specs:

To start with, you’ll find this submarine a bit longer than others. The advantage for that is it is easy to spot and that’s good for ponds that are a bit crowded, or have a large number of fish.  For night gatherings outdoors, the size is also very beneficial. It has a couple of lights. Just turn them on and you’ll have no problem tracking it.

The Green Camouflage Popular Commodity Revival Submarine Seawolf Submarine 6CH RC is designed for underwater explorations, although submersible depth is only 1 meter.

 Check price and availability here – Green camouflage popular commodity revival submarine Seawolf submarine 6CH RC

Beyond the 1 meter limit, it will lose connection with the transmitter. Once that happens, the boat will stop moving. That is probably the case for those who reported about their units sinking and not being able to rise to the surface again.

It comes with weights. One of the weights is located inside the submarine. If you remove that weight before submerging the boat into the water, you can make the weight lighter and reduce the incidence of it sinking.

It is powered by 2 motors, which means it can move faster than other toy boats. The submarine can do fast skimming underwater and go up rapidly from the bottom.

Just make sure your batteries are fully charged. If the boat begins to move slowly, don’t worry. It is probably just about the batteries. Just recharge the batteries. You need 4 AA batteries for the remote and one 9v battery for the submarine.

The submarine can do multi-directional movements – up, down, left and right. In addition, you can make it turn full circle, both clockwise and counter clockwise.

It can run up to 5 meters from where you are standing. If it happens that it stops moving within this distance, check the battery or adjust the position of the antenna. Some RC subs can still work beyond the distance specified in the product description. Check if your unit can go 1 or 2 meters more than the 5-meter limit.

It is packed ready for use. You need not assemble things. Take it out of the package, put batteries into the transmitter and the sub, and you’re ready to have fun.

rc submarine

Complete package has the submarine, a wireless controller, an antenna for the control and an English manual.

 Check price and availability here – Green camouflage popular commodity revival submarine Seawolf submarine 6CH RC

Helpful Tips to get more out of Seawolf RC sub:

Here are useful tips for using this submarine:

  • Remote control operation can be affected by water condition. Suspended particles, salt and chlorine mixed with water can reduce radio/RC signals. Keeping your boat at the recommended depth provides a lot of excitement and prevents it from getting lost in deeper and darker parts of a river or a lake.
  • The Green Camouflage has a heavy body, so there is a tendency for it to sink and not move anymore when it gets suspended at the bottom of the pool. Don’t attach the weights the first time you submerge it to test how resistant it can be to external forces and to know if the water can hold it afloat. If the boat has difficulty diving deep into the water, that’s when you should consider adding the weights.
  • Check how long the batteries can last. That’s important, especially if you intend to join a competition or you want to show off the submarine to friends at a party or gathering.
  • RC subs use two diving systems. They can be either dynamic divers or static divers. With a dynamic diver, force or propellers are used for diving. Static divers, on the other hand, fill themselves with water in order to submerge. They then dump the water out of their system in order to float. The diving system should be checked if the boat fails to move to the bottom or float.

Don’t forget to write a review

If you eventually buy this boat, read the manual and follow instructions carefully. Once you are ready with your insights, don’t forget to post your RC submarine review for this model.

Remote Control Submarine – UNDERWATER EXPLORER – Yellow by Blue Hat – RC Submarine Review

rc submarine reviewEvery RC submarine review is a well of information for potential buyers. Both good and bad comments can give you clues on how to pick the best submarine.

For this review, here’s the Remote Control Submarine – UNDERWATER EXPLORER – Yellow by Blue Hat. Built with the best technology available and A-rated materials, this sub will surely exceed your expectations and bring high level of entertainment to your family and friends.

 Check price and availability here – Remote Control Submarine – UNDERWATER EXPLORER

The UNDERWATER EXPLORER RC submarine review

Features and Specs:

The toy submarine comes with lot of benefits. First is the free shipping. In most stores where it is sold, free shipping is offered. Check differences in price from store to store, as the price can vary significantly.

The sub is 13.4 inches in length, which means it is probably intended for swimming pool and pond operation rather than aquarium plays. You have to have a large-sized aquarium for this sub to fit nicely and move around comfortably in a rather limited space.

With that size and with its weight of about one kilogram, it is better off sailing in pools and large bodies of water where pressure and space can support its free movements. Make sure that you turn on its lights if the water is a little dark or when you play outdoors at night. Just in case it gets trapped underwater, you can easily retrieve it.

Another point is the ability of this submarine to move in different directions. That feature makes this submarine really fun to watch. You can make it move to the right, to the left, forward, backward, upward and downward. It can also dive via its twin directional propellers.

The manufacturer has included weights. Use them for times when the submarine has to be helped to keep its balance. Kids playing in the pool can disrupt the boat’s movement. Strong water current can also destabilize it. Use the weights to help the boat resist external forces and pressure.

The Cons 

There are some limits to the boat’s functions that you should take note of:

  • The controller is not waterproof. You need to remind your children not to take it with them into the pool.
  • The level of response can vary depending on the situation. When you first use the sub, take note of the depth it can go down into the water until it loses connection with the transmitter. That’s the maximum depth allowed for this toy. Take note also that water blocks transmission signals, so you’ll see better response when the submarine is floating on the water surface.
  • The weight of the submarine at about 1 kilogram is pretty heavy for a submarine. It’s the reason why this submarine has a tendency to sink rather than float. You might have heard reports about it sinking and not being able to move up again. In some reports, the submarine doesn’t move at all after sinking.

There’s another reason and that has something to do with the maximum depth. If it goes beyond that depth, the submarine will not be able to receive signals from the transmitter and it will naturally sink by the law of gravitation. Therefore, attaching weights to it will not solve the sinking problem.

 Check price and availability here – Remote Control Submarine – UNDERWATER EXPLORER

There are minor issues with this model:

  • Some users notice that their units do not move forward. If this happens to your unit, check the back fan. It’s the thing that makes it move forward. If that’s not working, you probably need to send the submarine back to the seller for replacement or refund.
  • The batteries don’t last very long. All you can have is 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted operations. After that, you need to recharge or replace the batteries.

RC submarine review – Write a Review

Remember also that there are no perfect toy submarines. What you need to do is take good care of your unit and accept its imperfections.

For the issues that were mentioned for this submarine, the manufacturer is taking steps to address them. But for all its flaws, this is still a submarine worth your hard-earned dollars.

If you’ve got time to spare and there is an encouraging word you can share, please write your own RC submarine review on this model.


Podofo® 6CH Super Mini RC Submarine w/ 2 Headlight Hi-Speed Remote Control Boat 2 Propellers (Black) – RC Submarine Review

rc submarine review

If you are having a hard time picking the right sub for your child, it is best that you read RC submarine review posts for guidance. Online stores selling different kinds of toys and those that sell toy submarines only are where you can find these reviews.

Check for the name Podofo and their RC mini sub offering when you access the websites of these stores. It’s one of the best submarine toys available, not just because of its low price, but also because of its entertainment value.

 Check price and availability here – Podofo Super Mini RC Submarine

The Podofo RC Submarine Review 

Features and Specs:

The Podofo® 6CH Super Mini RC Submarine w/ 2 Headlight Hi-Speed Remote Control Boat 2 Propellers (Black) has a lot of advantages over its competitors. Here’s what it has that others don’t.

First, it’s smaller than most toy subs. The manufacturer claims it is the smallest in the world. Actual length is 4.9 inches. With that kind of size, it is the best option for families with small aquariums. If your fish tank is small and you are kind of worried there’s nothing that will fit in it, this sub is your salvation. It can freely move inside that small space to give your family extreme delight.

If, however, you have a tank that is medium-sized, don’t just pick a long sub without carefully considering your setup. Some people ended up changing the arrangement or throwing away stuff out of their aquarium just to give more space for their sub to move.

The Podofo has 6 functions. It can go forward, backward, left and right. For the 5th and 6th functions, you have “submerge” and “resurface”. If you watch videos shared by customers, you will see how it smoothly glides to different directions and maneuvers away from obstacles.

Having received certification is a clear advantage for this sub. The Podofo has received the coveted CE mark and the ISO9001 certification. This means it is perfectly safe for your children to use. It’s free from toxic chemicals and uses high quality materials in the manufacturing.

This sub has a short control distance, which is 5 meters. For moms with little kids, this is not a disadvantage at all. That minimal control distance translates to more time spent playing with the sub in the aquarium than playing with it in the pond or the pool, which is more dangerous. Because of its small size and the short control distance, this model is not a good option for older kids and adults who want to play in the pool and big bodies of water.

Quite mysteriously however, one reviewer reported that his Podofo sub can go as far as 9 meters. He said that the “radio signal distance” is 9 meters. There seem to be some inconsistencies here, so check that out with the seller or the manufacturer. The said reviewer actually expressed disappointment over the 9-meter thing, saying he expected his unit to reach a longer distance than that.

Installation is reportedly a breeze. Use the guide for installation. Then insert 4 AA batteries into the transmitter. That’s about it. The batteries can also be used to charge the submarine itself.

 Check price and availability here – Podofo Super Mini RC Submarine

The Cons:

Some minor issues were noted:

If you find it hard to operate the submerge function, most probably it is more of “inability” than a temporary failure to respond. Get ready to mail it back and ask for a replacement.

Refunds and replacements are not issues for the manufacturer and the sellers. Many who returned or asked for a replacement reported they were happy that the sellers responded to their requests.

Another possible deficiency to check is directional stability. The unit may turn left or right or even dive when operated to move forward. Check it if it also pitches up when it is supposed to move backward. If the problem persists, get ready to mail it back.

remote control submarine

Useful Tips:

This sub is not perfect just like others. Before buying, know the limits of what you can do with it to avoid having unrealistic expectations. The size is really small and the sub can get broken when dropped or banged accidentally. Remind your children to be extra careful with it. The advice coming from an RC submarine review is to “read the manual carefully” when operating.


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2.4 GHz RC Boat Double Motor Ship Navy Aircraft Carrier Sailing Model Remote Control Child Gift Toys – RC Submarine Review

remote control submarineRC submarine review sites are some of the best places you can go to get information on how you can have the best kind of enjoyment playing with a submarine toy.

Here’s a review of the 2.4 GHz RC Boat Double Motor Ship Navy Aircraft Carrier Sailing Model Remote Control Child Gift Toys to help you in this search. Before buying, make sure you check on the kind of activities you are allowed to enjoy when playing with your submarine.

 Check price and availability here – 2.4 GHz RC Boat Double Motor Ship Navy Aircraft Carrier

The 2.4 GHz RC Boat RC Submarine Review

Features and Specs:

This boat is more of an aircraft carrier rather than a diving or an underwater search toy. Features include:

  • Radio Control – This toy is maneuvered using radio signals. Transmission of signals is better, compared to non-radio sub vehicles. However, you may need to check water interference that can break the signals. That is not much of a problem though, according to those who have actually used the sub.
  • Movements – You can do different movements or maneuvers for this sub. You can move it forward and backward, turn left or right, dive and go up to the water surface. There is no skimming function for this vessel. Neither can you make it perform 360o turns.
  • Water response – The submarine turns on and off, depending on whether or not it is in contact with water. As soon as it is placed on water, it will start to move. When removed from water, it will stop. This feature is great for prolonging the battery life.
  • Underwater search photography – You can install a camera on this sub and have it dive into your pond or aquarium to take pictures underwater. The Sub-Mariner Camera Spycamera Submarine Underwater Photo Video Photography is a perfect camera unit for this purpose.
  • Décor item – When not in use, the sub can be used as a decoration item. Place it on the cabinet inside your child’s room. Buy miniature aircrafts and put them on it for additional fun.
  • Play time – With full-charged batteries, play time is 6 – 8 minutes.

 Check price and availability here – 2.4 GHz RC Boat Double Motor Ship Navy Aircraft Carrier

This sub has the following specs:

  • Color – Blue (no other colors available)
  • Dimension and weight (ship) – 6.1 x 2 x 2.4 inches; 60 grams
  • Dimension and weight (remote)- 6.7 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches; 85 grams
  • Battery (ship) – Rechargeable lithium
  • Battery (remote) – 4 double A batteries
  • Control Distance – up to 20 meters
  • Material – Environment-friendly materials. Uses UV painting.
  • Design – double propellers
  • Automatic safety devices

The Pros

Benefits for the family include:

  • Your child will love playing with the sub for hours and hours. It is a more affordable alternative for expensive visits to theme parks.
  • It is a great addition for children who love military toys. Buy battleships and small planes to complete your child’s military toy set.
  • Your child’s time for video games and violent YouTube videos will be reduced.
  • Not only children will enjoy playing with this submarine, adults will have fun too. Find a local organization of people who are into the same hobby. Participate in regatta and diving competitions. Challenge your skills with obstacle courses and submarine battles. Get together with friends for an underwater treasure hunt.

The Cons 

There are some minor drawbacks:

  • Both the boat and the remote need to be charged, so you have to test both every time the boat stops moving due to power loss.
  • Some people complain about this toy’s ability to dive. The design is more of an aircraft carrier, so it lacks the diving ability others have.
  • Some have complaints on the depth. They say it’s too short. If you have a large-sized fish tank, you will not be able to make it dive to the bottom of the tank.
  • The boat’s not good to use in bodies of water with strong current. If you will use it in saltwater, you have to attach the weights to ensure stable movements. Otherwise, it will be swept away by the current.

This is a short description of a wonderful toy for children and adults. If you need additional information about it, go to sites where customers are welcome to post their RC submarine review.


SGS Waterproof Remote Control Submarine Diving Toy – RC Submarine Review

remote control submarineWhen looking for RC submarine review articles online to get information, the fastest way is to access online toy stores. These places have comparative reviews or a collection of individual reviews on submarines and other types of children and adult toys. Toy submarine forums are also excellent sources of information.

Following is a review of the SGS Waterproof Remote Control Submarine Diving Toy. Hope it helps you in your search.

 Check price and availability here – SGS Waterproof Remote Control Submarine Diving Toy


The SGS Submarine Diving Toy RC Submarine Review

Features and Specs:

This toy has the following specifications:

  • Materials – combination of metal, electronic and plastic parts.
  • Color – Yellow or blue.
  • Boat Battery – built-in lithium
  • RC Batteries – 4 triple A
  • Functions – turn left and right, up, dive, forward, and backward
  • Speed – maximum of 0.1 m/s
  • Charge time – 30 minutes
  • Action time –  20 minutes
  • Weight – 360 grams
  • Length – 5.7 inches

Makers are proud of the safety features. Materials were carefully chosen so that the final product has no sharp edges or corners that can hurt children. No poisonous materials were used in the production of the toy.

The Pros

 Aside from the safety advantage, the product boasts of the following features and Benefits:

  • Waterproof remote control – You can hold the remote control while you are playing with the submarine in the pool. The feature is also helpful for busy mothers, as they will not feel that they need to be always near their children just to make sure the remote doesn’t get dropped into the water.
  • Multi-functional – Check videos that feature this toy. It can swim forward and backward, and upward and downward. It can be made to turn to the right or to the left. With those functions, it can easily avoid obstacles, pass through holes and maneuver over difficult underwater landscapes.
  • Fast charging – It takes only 30 minutes to charge the batteries.
  • Long battery life – With full-charged batteries, you will enjoy 20 minutes of uninterrupted action. That kind of battery life allows for participation in water games like obstacle courses, diving contests, regatta, and submarine battles.
  • Good size – The submarine is less than 6 inches in length. Aquarium capacity should be at least 25 gallons for this toy to move freely.

 Check price and availability here – SGS Waterproof Remote Control Submarine Diving Toy


RC Submarine Review: Questions

Here are some common questions people ask before they buy:

  • Is the remote really waterproof? Honestly, different answers have been given. Some say it is; others say it isn’t. If this is really a concern, don’t buy the submarine until you have verified this matter with the manufacturer. Many sellers insist that it is.
  • Can the boat be made to remain stationary on water? Diving, going forward and backward moves are easy to master. Suspension on water surface is a more challenging maneuver to learn and requires time and practice to master.
  • How deep does it dive? The description says it can go as deep as 0.5 meter or 3.26 feet. If you will use it in the pool, remember that it can’t reach a depth that’s over 3.26 feet without losing connection with the transmitter.

The Cons

Some Issues and minor draw backs raised against this toy include:

  • Size. Some customers are disappointed with the size. They want something bigger they can use in bigger bodies of water, like rivers and lakes. If you are one of them, think twice about buying this sub.
  • Frequent charging. This boat stops when the batteries run out of power, and that’s about 20 minutes of play. That’s pretty annoying for some users.  If the manufacturer can improve this aspect, this boat can be a hit among sub enthusiasts.
  • Distance control. Control distance for this sub is only 5 meters. If you will use it in the pool, you will have to move around the pool just to keep it moving. The remote control is water-resistant. Getting wet in the pool while playing is one play option you can try.


A Tool for Teaching

Despite the minor setbacks, the SGS is still a great toy. You can have a lot of fun out of playing with it, but take advantage also of opportunities of educating your child.

Teach your child some principles in science like buoyancy, friction and speed. RC submarine review videos that can be used for educational purposes are also available.