Green Camouflage Popular Commodity Revival Submarine Seawolf Submarine 6CH RC – RC Submarine Review

If you are interested in buying the Green Camouflage, you can read reviews about it in here and compare it here on our RC submarine review site. It is a bit pricey but definitely worth the money. The engineering, safety features and design say it all for this highly-prized submarine.

The Seawolf  RC Submarine Review

Features and Specs:

To start with, you’ll find this submarine a bit longer than others. The advantage for that is it is easy to spot and that’s good for ponds that are a bit crowded, or have a large number of fish.  For night gatherings outdoors, the size is also very beneficial. It has a couple of lights. Just turn them on and you’ll have no problem tracking it.

The Green Camouflage Popular Commodity Revival Submarine Seawolf Submarine 6CH RC is designed for underwater explorations, although submersible depth is only 1 meter.

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Beyond the 1 meter limit, it will lose connection with the transmitter. Once that happens, the boat will stop moving. That is probably the case for those who reported about their units sinking and not being able to rise to the surface again.

It comes with weights. One of the weights is located inside the submarine. If you remove that weight before submerging the boat into the water, you can make the weight lighter and reduce the incidence of it sinking.

It is powered by 2 motors, which means it can move faster than other toy boats. The submarine can do fast skimming underwater and go up rapidly from the bottom.

Just make sure your batteries are fully charged. If the boat begins to move slowly, don’t worry. It is probably just about the batteries. Just recharge the batteries. You need 4 AA batteries for the remote and one 9v battery for the submarine.

The submarine can do multi-directional movements – up, down, left and right. In addition, you can make it turn full circle, both clockwise and counter clockwise.

It can run up to 5 meters from where you are standing. If it happens that it stops moving within this distance, check the battery or adjust the position of the antenna. Some RC subs can still work beyond the distance specified in the product description. Check if your unit can go 1 or 2 meters more than the 5-meter limit.

It is packed ready for use. You need not assemble things. Take it out of the package, put batteries into the transmitter and the sub, and you’re ready to have fun.

rc submarine

Complete package has the submarine, a wireless controller, an antenna for the control and an English manual.

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Helpful Tips to get more out of Seawolf RC sub:

Here are useful tips for using this submarine:

  • Remote control operation can be affected by water condition. Suspended particles, salt and chlorine mixed with water can reduce radio/RC signals. Keeping your boat at the recommended depth provides a lot of excitement and prevents it from getting lost in deeper and darker parts of a river or a lake.
  • The Green Camouflage has a heavy body, so there is a tendency for it to sink and not move anymore when it gets suspended at the bottom of the pool. Don’t attach the weights the first time you submerge it to test how resistant it can be to external forces and to know if the water can hold it afloat. If the boat has difficulty diving deep into the water, that’s when you should consider adding the weights.
  • Check how long the batteries can last. That’s important, especially if you intend to join a competition or you want to show off the submarine to friends at a party or gathering.
  • RC subs use two diving systems. They can be either dynamic divers or static divers. With a dynamic diver, force or propellers are used for diving. Static divers, on the other hand, fill themselves with water in order to submerge. They then dump the water out of their system in order to float. The diving system should be checked if the boat fails to move to the bottom or float.

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