Podofo® 6CH Super Mini RC Submarine w/ 2 Headlight Hi-Speed Remote Control Boat 2 Propellers (Black) – RC Submarine Review

rc submarine review

If you are having a hard time picking the right sub for your child, it is best that you read RC submarine review posts for guidance. Online stores selling different kinds of toys and those that sell toy submarines only are where you can find these reviews.

Check for the name Podofo and their RC mini sub offering when you access the websites of these stores. It’s one of the best submarine toys available, not just because of its low price, but also because of its entertainment value.

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The Podofo RC Submarine Review 

Features and Specs:

The Podofo® 6CH Super Mini RC Submarine w/ 2 Headlight Hi-Speed Remote Control Boat 2 Propellers (Black) has a lot of advantages over its competitors. Here’s what it has that others don’t.

First, it’s smaller than most toy subs. The manufacturer claims it is the smallest in the world. Actual length is 4.9 inches. With that kind of size, it is the best option for families with small aquariums. If your fish tank is small and you are kind of worried there’s nothing that will fit in it, this sub is your salvation. It can freely move inside that small space to give your family extreme delight.

If, however, you have a tank that is medium-sized, don’t just pick a long sub without carefully considering your setup. Some people ended up changing the arrangement or throwing away stuff out of their aquarium just to give more space for their sub to move.

The Podofo has 6 functions. It can go forward, backward, left and right. For the 5th and 6th functions, you have “submerge” and “resurface”. If you watch videos shared by customers, you will see how it smoothly glides to different directions and maneuvers away from obstacles.

Having received certification is a clear advantage for this sub. The Podofo has received the coveted CE mark and the ISO9001 certification. This means it is perfectly safe for your children to use. It’s free from toxic chemicals and uses high quality materials in the manufacturing.

This sub has a short control distance, which is 5 meters. For moms with little kids, this is not a disadvantage at all. That minimal control distance translates to more time spent playing with the sub in the aquarium than playing with it in the pond or the pool, which is more dangerous. Because of its small size and the short control distance, this model is not a good option for older kids and adults who want to play in the pool and big bodies of water.

Quite mysteriously however, one reviewer reported that his Podofo sub can go as far as 9 meters. He said that the “radio signal distance” is 9 meters. There seem to be some inconsistencies here, so check that out with the seller or the manufacturer. The said reviewer actually expressed disappointment over the 9-meter thing, saying he expected his unit to reach a longer distance than that.

Installation is reportedly a breeze. Use the guide for installation. Then insert 4 AA batteries into the transmitter. That’s about it. The batteries can also be used to charge the submarine itself.

 Check price and availability here – Podofo Super Mini RC Submarine

The Cons:

Some minor issues were noted:

If you find it hard to operate the submerge function, most probably it is more of “inability” than a temporary failure to respond. Get ready to mail it back and ask for a replacement.

Refunds and replacements are not issues for the manufacturer and the sellers. Many who returned or asked for a replacement reported they were happy that the sellers responded to their requests.

Another possible deficiency to check is directional stability. The unit may turn left or right or even dive when operated to move forward. Check it if it also pitches up when it is supposed to move backward. If the problem persists, get ready to mail it back.

remote control submarine

Useful Tips:

This sub is not perfect just like others. Before buying, know the limits of what you can do with it to avoid having unrealistic expectations. The size is really small and the sub can get broken when dropped or banged accidentally. Remind your children to be extra careful with it. The advice coming from an RC submarine review is to “read the manual carefully” when operating.


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