Radio Control Submarine with Skimming and Diving Functions HUIQI HQ2011 – 5 27MHz – RC Submarine Review

rc submarine reviewsFor people looking to buy a submarine toy, RC submarine review sites suggest purchasing the HUIQI HQ2011. There is a general consensus among reviewers of this product, mostly among parents, that this toy is so much fun that children spend hours and hours playing with it.

If you want your own children to stop wasting their time playing video games or surfing the internet, the HUIQI HQ2011 might well be the best alternative.

The  HUIQI HQ2011 – 5 27MHz  RC Submarine Review

Features and Specs:

Among the features for this sub, the ones worth looking into are those about safety and maximum control distance. It’s very competitive in those areas, not to mention the competitive pricing for this unit.

Moving to the details, consider the lighting feature first. This feature allows night play with this toy at the pool without having to turn on the pool lights. The lights are powerful enough to give illumination to both the submarine itself and the area around it.

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It’s skimming movement is a source of pride. More expensive units can do the regular movements but not the skimming. Watch this glide and slide on the water surface. Besides the well-loved skimming move, this sub can be made to do the regular maneuvers such as forward, backward, turning left and turning right. It can also be put into a stationary position above water. Watching it dive below brings lots of fun as well, but make sure you don’t carry the control with you into the pool.

The control is not waterproof, and the submarine itself must be dried after use. Make sure you always have a piece of dry cloth ready.

Consider the remote as a hand exercise tool for children.  Different hand and finger movements are required to maneuver the submarine through the remote. Online sellers also highlight positive effects on eye coordination.

One of the safety features is “automatic resurfacing”. If you stop playing while the submarine is underwater, the safety system will pull it up to the surface. Should this happen while you are playing, don’t think there’s something amiss with the sub. The automatic resurfacing system will also activate in cases when the transmission signals are not able to reach the sub, or the transmitter has suddenly stopped working, or the batteries have run out of power. The automatic resurfacing system saves you from the trouble of getting into the pool to retrieve the sub when one of these things happens.

remote control submarine

The HUIQI HQ2011 – 5 27MHz Radio Control Submarine with Skimming and Diving Functions is yellow in color with some red and black spots on it. The color’s catchy but the general appearance is far from the military submarine look which most submarine toys have. If your current set has that military look, buying this one will significantly change the overall physical appearance or impact.

No battery charging is needed. All you need are double AA batteries – four batteries for the control and another four for the submarine. Battery life for the submarine is 10 minutes. After that, you need to replace the batteries.

Package contents include the submarine, a transmitter, an antenna and an English manual. If it happens that you don’t receive a manual, don’t worry. YouTube has an instructional video for this sub.

What’s the size? This submarine is long. It is longer than most other models. Length is 11 inches while width is around 2. Consider the size of your aquarium. Smaller submarines are available for small to medium-sized fish tanks.

Control distance is extensive, in fact one of the most extensive a submarine toy can ever have. You can play this thing up to a distance of 25 meters at sea level. Underwater, maximum control depth is 5 meters.

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The Cons:

Things that need to be improved and some concerns raised by users:

Remember, playing time is limited – just 10 minutes. After that, replace the batteries. The manufacturer should consider making this sub rechargeable.

Warning: Never use lithium batteries as lithium doesn’t go well with water. Just in case the submarine floods or breaks, you will not have to deal with a chemical hazard. Remember that your children need to be protected from poisonous chemicals.

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