Remote Control Submarine – UNDERWATER EXPLORER – Yellow by Blue Hat – RC Submarine Review

rc submarine reviewEvery RC submarine review is a well of information for potential buyers. Both good and bad comments can give you clues on how to pick the best submarine.

For this review, here’s the Remote Control Submarine – UNDERWATER EXPLORER – Yellow by Blue Hat. Built with the best technology available and A-rated materials, this sub will surely exceed your expectations and bring high level of entertainment to your family and friends.

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The UNDERWATER EXPLORER RC submarine review

Features and Specs:

The toy submarine comes with lot of benefits. First is the free shipping. In most stores where it is sold, free shipping is offered. Check differences in price from store to store, as the price can vary significantly.

The sub is 13.4 inches in length, which means it is probably intended for swimming pool and pond operation rather than aquarium plays. You have to have a large-sized aquarium for this sub to fit nicely and move around comfortably in a rather limited space.

With that size and with its weight of about one kilogram, it is better off sailing in pools and large bodies of water where pressure and space can support its free movements. Make sure that you turn on its lights if the water is a little dark or when you play outdoors at night. Just in case it gets trapped underwater, you can easily retrieve it.

Another point is the ability of this submarine to move in different directions. That feature makes this submarine really fun to watch. You can make it move to the right, to the left, forward, backward, upward and downward. It can also dive via its twin directional propellers.

The manufacturer has included weights. Use them for times when the submarine has to be helped to keep its balance. Kids playing in the pool can disrupt the boat’s movement. Strong water current can also destabilize it. Use the weights to help the boat resist external forces and pressure.

The Cons 

There are some limits to the boat’s functions that you should take note of:

  • The controller is not waterproof. You need to remind your children not to take it with them into the pool.
  • The level of response can vary depending on the situation. When you first use the sub, take note of the depth it can go down into the water until it loses connection with the transmitter. That’s the maximum depth allowed for this toy. Take note also that water blocks transmission signals, so you’ll see better response when the submarine is floating on the water surface.
  • The weight of the submarine at about 1 kilogram is pretty heavy for a submarine. It’s the reason why this submarine has a tendency to sink rather than float. You might have heard reports about it sinking and not being able to move up again. In some reports, the submarine doesn’t move at all after sinking.

There’s another reason and that has something to do with the maximum depth. If it goes beyond that depth, the submarine will not be able to receive signals from the transmitter and it will naturally sink by the law of gravitation. Therefore, attaching weights to it will not solve the sinking problem.

 Check price and availability here – Remote Control Submarine – UNDERWATER EXPLORER

There are minor issues with this model:

  • Some users notice that their units do not move forward. If this happens to your unit, check the back fan. It’s the thing that makes it move forward. If that’s not working, you probably need to send the submarine back to the seller for replacement or refund.
  • The batteries don’t last very long. All you can have is 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted operations. After that, you need to recharge or replace the batteries.

RC submarine review – Write a Review

Remember also that there are no perfect toy submarines. What you need to do is take good care of your unit and accept its imperfections.

For the issues that were mentioned for this submarine, the manufacturer is taking steps to address them. But for all its flaws, this is still a submarine worth your hard-earned dollars.

If you’ve got time to spare and there is an encouraging word you can share, please write your own RC submarine review on this model.


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