SGS Waterproof Remote Control Submarine Diving Toy – RC Submarine Review

remote control submarineWhen looking for RC submarine review articles online to get information, the fastest way is to access online toy stores. These places have comparative reviews or a collection of individual reviews on submarines and other types of children and adult toys. Toy submarine forums are also excellent sources of information.

Following is a review of the SGS Waterproof Remote Control Submarine Diving Toy. Hope it helps you in your search.

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The SGS Submarine Diving Toy RC Submarine Review

Features and Specs:

This toy has the following specifications:

  • Materials – combination of metal, electronic and plastic parts.
  • Color – Yellow or blue.
  • Boat Battery – built-in lithium
  • RC Batteries – 4 triple A
  • Functions – turn left and right, up, dive, forward, and backward
  • Speed – maximum of 0.1 m/s
  • Charge time – 30 minutes
  • Action time –  20 minutes
  • Weight – 360 grams
  • Length – 5.7 inches

Makers are proud of the safety features. Materials were carefully chosen so that the final product has no sharp edges or corners that can hurt children. No poisonous materials were used in the production of the toy.

The Pros

 Aside from the safety advantage, the product boasts of the following features and Benefits:

  • Waterproof remote control – You can hold the remote control while you are playing with the submarine in the pool. The feature is also helpful for busy mothers, as they will not feel that they need to be always near their children just to make sure the remote doesn’t get dropped into the water.
  • Multi-functional – Check videos that feature this toy. It can swim forward and backward, and upward and downward. It can be made to turn to the right or to the left. With those functions, it can easily avoid obstacles, pass through holes and maneuver over difficult underwater landscapes.
  • Fast charging – It takes only 30 minutes to charge the batteries.
  • Long battery life – With full-charged batteries, you will enjoy 20 minutes of uninterrupted action. That kind of battery life allows for participation in water games like obstacle courses, diving contests, regatta, and submarine battles.
  • Good size – The submarine is less than 6 inches in length. Aquarium capacity should be at least 25 gallons for this toy to move freely.

 Check price and availability here – SGS Waterproof Remote Control Submarine Diving Toy


RC Submarine Review: Questions

Here are some common questions people ask before they buy:

  • Is the remote really waterproof? Honestly, different answers have been given. Some say it is; others say it isn’t. If this is really a concern, don’t buy the submarine until you have verified this matter with the manufacturer. Many sellers insist that it is.
  • Can the boat be made to remain stationary on water? Diving, going forward and backward moves are easy to master. Suspension on water surface is a more challenging maneuver to learn and requires time and practice to master.
  • How deep does it dive? The description says it can go as deep as 0.5 meter or 3.26 feet. If you will use it in the pool, remember that it can’t reach a depth that’s over 3.26 feet without losing connection with the transmitter.

The Cons

Some Issues and minor draw backs raised against this toy include:

  • Size. Some customers are disappointed with the size. They want something bigger they can use in bigger bodies of water, like rivers and lakes. If you are one of them, think twice about buying this sub.
  • Frequent charging. This boat stops when the batteries run out of power, and that’s about 20 minutes of play. That’s pretty annoying for some users.  If the manufacturer can improve this aspect, this boat can be a hit among sub enthusiasts.
  • Distance control. Control distance for this sub is only 5 meters. If you will use it in the pool, you will have to move around the pool just to keep it moving. The remote control is water-resistant. Getting wet in the pool while playing is one play option you can try.


A Tool for Teaching

Despite the minor setbacks, the SGS is still a great toy. You can have a lot of fun out of playing with it, but take advantage also of opportunities of educating your child.

Teach your child some principles in science like buoyancy, friction and speed. RC submarine review videos that can be used for educational purposes are also available.


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